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How to make a Magnifying Glass?

How to make a Magnifying Glass

How to make a Magnifying Glass?

Materials :

A clear plastic bottle

A dry marker pen

A pair of scissors


How to make your own magnifying glass,

How to make…

1. Draw a circle shape at the neck of the bottle. It needs to be here so you create a disc shape when you cut it out.


How to make a Magnifying Glass, 

2. Cut out the circle

3. Pour a little water into the disc.

How to make a Magnifying Glass, 

4. Hold it over your book or paper to make the letters bigger.

It really works so well! How to make a Magnifying Glass, Science-Sparks The science bit. The disc shape you have cut out curves outwards, so is a convex shape. By adding the water the light that passes through is refracted meaning that it is bent inwards, creating a lens effect and enlarging the size of the letters. So you have then created your very own magnifying glass!

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