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Microsoft Excel 78 Shortcuts You Need to Know

Almost everyone uses Microsoft Excel for various document purposes in the modern work world. But many of us might not use it efficiently and quickly. Therefore, to help you work faster with this software, we have collected 78 of the best excel shortcut keys that you must know.

Keyboard shortcuts or Excel shortcut keys can definitely increase your speed when doing work. But often, it’s hard to remember this hotkey – especially if you regularly switch between the latest versions of Office. For example from office 2010 to office 2019. Of course there are a number of key shortcuts that have changed. But in truth, the button is still the same.

Shortcut Keyboard Microsoft Excel

All of the following Excel keyboard shortcuts have been tested on the latest version of Microsoft Office 2019 . So if there is a slight difference in the previous version, please correct the comments below.

Also make sure you use a standard QWERTY keyboard that has all the universal keys.

Shortcut Key Excel : DOKUMEN dan WORKSHEET

Ctrl + NCreate a new file (New File)
Ctrl + OMembuka file XLS (Open File)
Ctrl + SSaving a Document (Save)
Ctrl + Shift + SSave Document with a New Name (Save As)
Ctrl + PPrinting a Document (Print)
Ctrl + F2Preview Before Print (Print Preview)
Ctrl + WMenutup Workbook Excel (Close Workbook)
Shift + F11Create a new worksheet
Ctrl + Page DownPrevious worksheet
Ctrl + Page UpNext worksheet
Ctrl + TabNext workbook
Ctrl + Shift + TabPrevious workbook


Ctrl + CDuplicate Data (Copy)
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + Alt + VPaste Special
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + FFind
Ctrl + Shift + F4Find Previous
Shift + F4Find Next
Ctrl + HFind dan Replace


ArrowSlide One Cell (Left, Right, Up, Down)
Page UpScroll up one screen
Page DownScroll down one screen
Alt + Page UpScroll to the right of one screen
Alt + Page DownScroll to the left of one screen
Ctrl + EndMove to the last cell
Ctrl + HomeMove to the starting cell
Ctrl + F1Showing / Hiding the Ribbon
AltShowing shortcut for the Ribbon
Ctrl + BackspaceReturn to Active Cell


Ctrl + GGo To
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + SpaceSelect column
Shift + SpaceSelect row
Shift + ArrowExpand select cells
Ctrl + Shift + ArrowExpand selection full cells
F8Toggle selection extend mode
Shift + F8Toggle selection add mode
Ctrl + Shift + OOnly select cells have comments
Shift + Page UpExpand selection full screen keatas
Shift + Page DownExpand selection full screen kebawah


EnterChange data and move cells down
Shift + EnterChange the data and move the cell up
TabChange the data and move the cell to the right
Shift + TabChange the data to move cell to the left
Shift + F2Provides comments in the cell
Ctrl + KProvides hyperlinks to cells
Ctrl + ;Insert today’s date
Ctrl + Shift + ;Insert the current hour
Ctrl + DDuplicate data from the cell above
Ctrl + RDuplicate data from the left cell
Ctrl + `Display Formulas in all cells
Alt + =Auto Sum selected cell
Alt + EnterNew paragraph line in cell
Ctrl + BBold
Ctrl + IItalic
Ctrl + UUnderline


Ctrl + Shift + ~Change cell format to general
Ctrl + Shift + $Change cell format to currency
Ctrl + Shift + %Change cell format to percentage
Ctrl + Shift + ^Change cell format to scientific
Ctrl + Shift + #Set the cell format as date
Ctrl + Shift + @Set the cell format as time
Ctrl + Shift + !Set the cell format as a number
Ctrl + Shift + &Border selected region
Ctrl + Shift + _Remove the border


Ctrl + Shift + (+)Insert rows, collumns, shift cell down, shift cell right
Ctrl + DeleteMenghapus rows, collumns, shift cell down, shift cell right
Alt + Shift + Right ArrowSelect and create groups
Alt + Shift + Left ArrowDo an ungroup

Shortcut Key Excel : CHARTS, FILTERS, PIVOTS

Alt + F1Make a chart
F11Make a chart on the new sheet
Ctrl + Shift + LAutofilter
Alt + Down ArrowShow filter options (Insert filter)
Ctrl + TInserta table
Alt > D > PEnter the Pivot table wizard

Are there other Excel key shortcuts that we haven’t mentioned above? Write it in the comments column and we will add it. May be useful!

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