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How to recover Microsoft Word files (Recover .doc)

Everyone who uses a computer must have used Microsoft Word. The many features available on this application will certainly help you in making documents for work, school and other tasks. But sometimes we like to forget to save the file that is done. After the doc file is gone, we will panic and look for various ways to recover the .doc format word file that was not saved, corrupt, crashed, or blue screen earlier.

This becomes a nightmare if the lost documents are very important. Especially if the file requires a very long time to repeat it again. Therefore, here we will discuss ways that you can restore Microsoft Word documents that have not been saved quickly. With notes, this system only works on Microsoft Office 2016 series and above. Also you must be on the latest Windows 10 operating system.

Finding Documents from AutoRecover File (.ASD)

  1. Open the Microsoft Word application 
  2. Click File then tap Info

3. Select  Manage Document , then click  Recover Unsaved Documents

4. A pop-up page will appear, after that find the file that you want to restore, then click  Open

5. The last .ASD file that you have not previously saved will reappear in the Microsoft Word Application

How To Recover Word Files From AutoRecovery

  1. Open the Microsoft Word  application 
  2. Click  File , after that you have two options,  Recover Unsaved Document  or select  Options

3. If you choose the Recover Unsaved Document option  , a pop up screen will appear, just like the first method

4. If you click  Options,  a different pop-up screen will appear

5.Then select  Save , then copy the location of the file in the AutoRecover file location column

6. Paste the file location in  Windows search , and then open the folder in  File Explorer that

7. Then select the document that you want to return

If the file is not found, it’s most likely that your file has been permanently deleted. You can use third-party applications such as Auslogics File Recovery or with EaseUS Data Recovery to restore it. But that way also will not guarantee 100% of the files will be returned. In fact, sometimes, it will only waste your time. It’s better to focus and start working on the previously unsaved project from the beginning.

AutoSave Settings For Prevention

  1. Open the Microsoft Word File menu 
  2. select  Options

3. After the pop-up screen appears, click Save,  then select the desired Autosave time frequency

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