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Hydraulic Brake Junior Science Project

Junior Scientist Hydraulic Brake (Multicolor) – Science Project Ideas

Do – it – Yourself kit to build your own Hydraulic Brake. HOW IT WORKS On connecting the battery snap with the 9 volt battery you will observe that the plastic disc start rotating.

Then by pushing the piston of the free syringe you would notice that piston of the syringe between brackets gets force and push towards the plastic disc and the disc gets stop.

On connecting the battery snap with the 9 volt battery the plastic disc rotates as it is connected with dc motor. Now pushing the piston of the free syringe, the water from the syringe gets pushed in the syringe fixed between the brackets. As a result the piston of that syringe also gets pushed and collides with the rotating plastic disc. Due to the friction of plastic disc with the piston the plastic disc stops rotating.

Here as the break is applied due to the pressure exerted by water we call the project as hydraulic break.

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