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Do These 5 Things – Macbook Don’t Want to Charge

How to Overcome Macbook Don’t Want to Charge

Portability is one of the key factors that makes the Macbook the choice of gadget enthusiasts, aside from the high brand prestige. You can use Macbook anywhere, anytime. Where with the battery capacity implemented in the macbook, Apple promises optimal use for 6 to 8 hours with only a battery power. Therefore the use of batteries tends to be very fatal in Mac operations .

In certain cases, it will certainly be very annoying if your macbook battery is having problems. But try to check, who knows the battery error is not because it has expired. It could be because there is a problem that makes the Macbook does not want to charge power to the battery. Let’s look at some of the possibilities that can occur.

Why Don’t Macbooks Want to Charge?

Here are some of the problems commonly experienced by macbooks, related to mac not being able to charge power.

  • Magsafe Charger Connection Damaged
  • Problematic Software System
  • Hardware Hardware Problems
  • Critical Battery Condition
  • Overheat

How to Overcome Macbook Don’t Want to Charge?

Let’s check 5 methods that might help you overcome this problem.

Method 1: Check the Condition of the Cable and Charger Port

Cable and port charge conditions are one of the charging problems on the mac. To overcome this, try to see if there are magsafe cable broken or peeled off? If you find it, please wrap it with tape or tape so that the cable is covered again.

Furthermore, you can check the charger port on the Macbook, do not let the port be filled with dust that can block the flow of electricity. If it looks dirty, you can clean it with a stick or toothpick slowly.

Method 2: Check Macbook Battery Condition

The critical battery condition will certainly not be able to be charged again. For that, you can check the condition of the macbook battery in the following way

  1. Click the Apple logo on the menu bar
  2. Next, click the About This Mac button
  3. Click the System Report button  then enter the Power menu

From this Battery Information window, you can check the Cycle Count  and Condition. For Cycle Count , Apple recommends not to use it more than 1000 CC. So if you have 1000 CC it is recommended to replace the battery. Even though in reality, the Cycle count to 2000 will not be a problem, as long as the battery condition remains Normal.

Method 3: Mac Shutdown for a Few Minutes

Maybe your device is overheating. You may try to shut it down and let the hardware machine inside it rest. Indeed, sometimes, overheating can make the battery overheats, and ultimately can not be charged. Not a myth, because the admin has never experienced it himself.

Method 4: Restart Macbook, Reset SMC, Reset RAM and PRAM

In the previous tutorial, the admin had written an article about how to overcome a slow macbook if used without a charger . Well that tutorial, the admin has written how to do a SMC Reset, RAM and PRAM reset. Where by doing this, it is possible for you to restore the Macosx software system without the need to reinstall.

Method 5: Perform Battery Replacement or MagSafe Replacement

This is the last method that the admin can convey. For Magsafe (Charger mac) the price varies, if you buy on the iBox the price is quite expensive, it can be around 500 thousand – 1 million. As for the mac battery, you can visit several apple repair shops like Mac Arena (Ambassador Jakarta) or you can also go to the Apple Service Center directly. Battery replacement, ranging from 800 thousand – 1.5 million depending on the device model you are using.

Alright buddy guys, that’s all the article for today about how to deal with a macbook won’t charge. If you have suggestions or questions, please write in the comments below. May be useful!

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