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How to Change DNS Address on MacOSX

How to Change DNS Addresses on MacOSX Devices

DNS (Domain Name System) is a special address to manage and map IPs that contain network hostnames. In general, DNS aims to help retrieve the IP address of each URL requested by the client computer. All browsers such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox that run on client computers by default use DNS server settings from the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Sometimes you need to change the default DNS server to get an unlimited, safe and fast internet experience. Especially for Windows and MacOSX users who are annoyed with the limitation, in fact how to change the DNS of the two operating systems is very easy, friend.

By changing the DNS, this will also help us to solve some problems related to IP URL blocking. For example blocking certain sites by the Positive Internet. Previously I had written an article about How to Make a Positive Internet Site , and indeed DNS is one of the powerful techniques to overcome it. On this occasion, we will discuss the process and how to change the IP address of a special DNS server on Apple Mac OSX devices only. Let’s just follow the How to Change DNS Server on Mac OSX below.

Step 1: Open MacOSX Network Settings

  1. Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your Mac screen and open the System Preferences  option
  2. Click the Network icon as to enter the network settings

Step 2: Activate Edit Network Settings

  1. Select the active connection
  2. Tap on the Click the lock to make changes option . And provide your administrator password after that activate the edit option.
  3. Then click the ” Advanced … ” button 

Step 3: How to Change the DNS Address on MacOSX

  1. Navigate to the DNS table, this table contains the default DNS set by your ISP
  2. Press the default DNS server and click on the (  ) button to delete it
  3. After that, click the (+) button and add the DNS server you want
  4. Click the OK button to save the changes. And you have successfully changed DNS on MacOSX
  1. Google Public DNS: and
  2. Cloudflare Fastest DNS : dan
  3. DNS LVL3 Online: 4.2.26 and 4.2.

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